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  1. How to Install macOS Mojave on VirtualBox Windows 10 PC
  2. Install RedHat Enterprise Linux 7
  3. How to install Arch Linux on VirtualBox
  4. How to Install macOS Sierra on VirtualBox - Windows 10, 8, 7

Please see link screenshots. Very interesting. Both machines only show x so do I need to I stall Nvidia web drivers perhaps? Im running a pro version of Workstation 15 I bought and have 2 VMs running great except for the low Resolution. I can use the mac but it won't let me use iMessage, apple support says its because the serial number is zero and it's probably a Hackintosh oops. Is there any way I can change the serial number to something legit so i can use iMessage etc? But it's good enough to allow you to get some of the things like iMessage going.

My advice is to do your due dilligence to ensure the script that does this also doesn't sneak in any malware, etc. Thanks a lot for this brilliant tutorial.

Configure VirtualBox to Install macOS 10.14 Mojave

All steps described above went through without any errors. However, I seem to be the only one having this problem. When the VM starts I get the Apple logo in the center of the screen and a progress bar beneath it moving slowly to the right. It just won't go any further. No visible errors are thrown. I am unsure how to interpret the log messages, though:.

When I put in a disc, the VM tries to access it during bootup but then throws another error. So apparently that is not the root-cause for the VM not to finish booting. Instead of only adding the line 'smc. The screen stays black even after about five minutes. Saw somewhere in the comments that if you have an AMD with 6 processors you need to assign all 6 as virtual processors, that did not help. Tried to disable Windows Hyper-V, but could not find it in the Windows control panel so I used a commandline to disable it.

Disabled my McAfee virus checker. I created an Ubuntu VM to see if that would work and it works fine. I also started on the VMWare option, but the link to the Unlocker is not valid anymore. It stays in the black screen with the white text which does say the system uptime meaning the system is up, but it does nothing else. Any help? The messages probably report a panic mode. Use VMWare instead. Hi Gavin Many thanks for this. I got it working for Intel on Virtual Box. Everything working fine exceot for one thing - the Apple maps app is completely black!

The reason I wanted to this in the first place was to use Apple maps. Hi, Sorry to bother , in my case everything went fine all the way, but upon opening virtual box and double clicking the created virtual mac, i got the following error : " The virtual machine 'MAC' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 0x1.

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How to Install macOS Mojave on VirtualBox Windows 10 PC

Tried to use my Apple ID when it asked me to, then this message appears: Cannot create Apple ID This mac is no longer eligible to create apple id accounts Create an apple id using a different device. Note: I was not creating a new one, just using my existing ID. Infact, I had some issues initially and found out that they are with the command line codes I used.

Is there any fix for the same? I am using the VMBox version 5. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mani. I've followed the instructions to the T and upon execution, a message by Virtual Box - Guru Meditation??? I got it to work finally by downloading 5. Not sure about the rest, now my only issue is to get the screen size to a decent resolution and scale. Thank you very much! I have followed all the steps and not seemed to have any errors or issues, but when I go to run the machine I just get a quick shot of the VirtualBox logo and then it goes to black and doesn't move on.

Any idea what might be causing this and how to fix it? I have gone through the steps to set up macOS on virtualbox, however I get stuck at a screen with grey, white and yellow text. I've downloaded mac OS I've extracted the file and now have a VMDK file. However, when I go to create a new virtual machine in virtual box, I'm unable to. I don't see OS First, type "turn windows features" into the start menu search.

Install RedHat Enterprise Linux 7

Select the top match. If no luck, you need to uninstall Virtualbox, head to your BIOS, and make sure virtualization is selected. You need to enable virtualization in your BIOS settings. Press either F2 or DEL during the boot process, then searching for an option concerning virtualization. Installation went through smoothly and even the command line updates for VirtualBox were successful. But when I try to run my vm, I get a black screen and a popup window with a message that "A critical error has occurred while running the virtual machine and the machine execution has been stopped. No idea if this will get a response but here's hoping.

I tried mounting it with a virtual ODD but it rejects it. Did I just download the wrong thing? Mind helping me get through installing via a. You'll need to create an account at the site, and use VMware still patching as per the article instructions. Tried the intel version today with Virtualbox and never get to grey screen. In some kind of a boot loop with the text part of the bootup repeating over and over. Got any idea what might be wrong? Sounds like something went wrong during the installation process.

I would suggest retrying, double checking each line of code is exactly the same. I had the same problem , Dave may also have to execute the DOS commands while VirtualBox is closed, that worked for me. Hi, I downloaded the AMD version but it is. Except, when I download the macOS Sierra file, it is a. Like what am I supposed to do now? Sorry for the slow reply.

I'm working a fix for you. Thanks for your patience.

I'll update you as soon as possible. You can specify resolution in the hardware tab, found in the settings menu. The trackpad is a little more tricky. I'm having the same resolution issue as Shekhar. Since I have a 4K screen, it'd be awesome to use all of the real estate. Thanks a ton Gavin, I read the original article and for the black borders there is an isolated file named 'VM Tool's I could send you the link if you want. Ironically, I actually do spend some time on Apple hardware, but my setup is customized such that it's not really recognizable.

How to install Arch Linux on VirtualBox

That is exactly why this article came about. I needed a Mac OS version to test some things for another article, and realised we hadn't covered it. I hope you found it useful in some way. Make a website to do it, Apple! Rob Nightingale. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email.

Read our privacy policy. Thanks, As. Hello, When I choose guest operating system in VMware new virtual machine wizard, a message telling that "bit guest operating systems are not supported by this host and will not run. What should I do? Thjanks Jaime. Is there a version of the code for virtualbox on linux????

How to Install macOS Sierra on VirtualBox - Windows 10, 8, 7

Will this work with macOS Mojave? Please, please, please be careful with those "Hackintosh" Mac images. Ken: You are so right to be cautious Good point.. How did you detect it. Wondering if my install is snooping Thanks. When I start mac VirtualBox it just stays on the screen with the grey and yellow text. This was very helpful for me. Took me ages to figure this out. What could be the issue here? Thanks in advance for any pointers.

I do see error messages in the log. I am unsure how to interpret the log messages, though: T In case anyone else is stuck at the Apple logo and the progress bar: Instead of only adding the line 'smc. So I hope you can tell me how I can get this working. Any ideas? Greetings everyone! Please hekp. VirtualBox audio on Sierra is not supported. If you want sound then VMware is your only choice.

What have I done wrong? Thank you in advance! Hi Gavin, I have followed all the steps and not seemed to have any errors or issues, but when I go to run the machine I just get a quick shot of the VirtualBox logo and then it goes to black and doesn't move on. Hi Gavin! Any idea what this is and how I can get around it??? Any thoughts on what this could be. Finally, are you running a 64bit operating system host? Hopefully that helps. Thanks in advance!

I appreciate the write up either way. Hey MinMin, Sorry for the slow reply. I'm working on a fix. I'll update you as soon as possible! Can I ask what VM software you were using? Hopefully you get up and running! Hi Dave, Sounds like something went wrong during the installation process. Good tip, Fabrice, and thought I'd included that in the original article. Have edited it in. Thank you. You will see gpt, dos, sgi, and sun. Here you will see the main disk space, which is 20 GB. Now the 10 GB partition is created.

Click on free space and then enter the partition size of M. Now follow the same steps to create the logical partition. Then press enter on quit and clear the command by typing. Now you can add your language to the system by adding this line to the file:. There will be no home directory mounted, this tutorial is not helpfull for newcomer to ArchLinux. Just a fix: in the end, before rebooting, you need to exit the chroot by typing exit, and then reboot.

After installation, just after rebooting, you need to exit the chroot command. So it should be "exit" [enter] and then "reboot" [enter]. This tutorial does not follow the current version of VirtualBox, does not completely cover the process for creating the partitions, and is full of typos. Time for a rewrite. Great tutorial, but only takes things to a very basic level. A follow up on setting up users, desktop environment etc. Echo other users comments on typos - needs a serious clean up. This article seriously needs cleaned up in the command line parts.

Sorry for the dumb question. There is no specific instructions there. Good post but quite a few errors in your instructions. The only way to make it through this is to go off of the screen shots. Got me through the install, however you need to go double check everything. Best ArchLinux installation tutorial! Just please fix all the typos to make it more than perfect Please revise the entire guide, or just remove it.

The fact this guide is the number 1 google search result for "Install arch linux in virtualbox" is terrible. Almost all the commands have many typos, and the only way to understand the guide is too look at the screenshots. But that doesn't even work most of the time because you type clear in the console why? The install went mostly smooth except for a few problems.

Also trying to run the 'Reboot' command told me I needed to 'Exit Chroot' which was confusing at first but just typed 'exit' after searching on google Confusing from never using Arch before. GNU nano version 2. Have I to worry about it? What is the purpose of the logical memory? After that Arch booted properly. Once again, thank you for this tutorial. This feature is only available to subscribers. Get your subscription here.

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