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  2. Nvidia présente ses nouvelles cartes graphiques GTX 1660 Super et 1650 Super
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Create and customize folders on your NAS that can be accessed locally or remotely. Control user access as well as adjust various other settings. Browse the latest modules online, install and upgrade them through the UI directly from the Thecus server, and activate them all in the same place.

Live video starts at Connect to your NAS with this widely used protocol. There is also support for a variety of file formats that can be directly opened with the browser such as ZIP, PDF, Image and multimedia files among others.

Guide pratiques | Thecus®, Creator in Storage.

L'application supporte toutes les fonctions d'un serveur FTP standards. Et pour les experts, tous les journaux d'erreurs sont accessibles. The new Piczza photo server provides a completely new interface and many new functions.

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The new module makes editing, organizing, and sharing photos easier than ever. This guide will show you how to publish your NAS on the Internet, this allows you to access and configure your NAS files via the internet remotely. Plex is a media player system consisting of a player application with a foot user interface and an associated media server. Appealing to a broad range of users, XBMC is an open source media center which was originally created for Xbox. Its graphical user interface GUI allows the user to easily browse and view videos, photos, podcasts, and music using only a few buttons.

Currently, XBMC can be used to play almost all popular audio and video formats around directly from your hard drive. XBMC features playlist and slideshow functions, a weather forecast, and many audio visualizations.

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Data Guard is the powerful backup solution that Thecus provides. Remote backup solutions on the market usually are expensive and requires a complicated setup. Thecus introduces a remote backup solution that allows you to set up different backup solutions in 1 minute; and of course, it's free and built in to ThecusOS. Dropbox is a free cloud service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere.

After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox folder will automatically save to all your computers, your mobile device, and even the Dropbox website. A cloud backup system that sends your data to an off-site data center that is physically separate from your office. The System Failover function requires two sets of Thecus NAS systems one acts as active and the other one as standby to have near line system configuration and data backup. In general, the criterion of belonging to a computing unit to a group is determined by the connection of said unit to a given pair of access switches.

Nvidia présente ses nouvelles cartes graphiques GTX 1660 Super et 1650 Super

All calculation units connected to the same pair of access switches are grouped within the same group membership. The link connecting the calculating unit UC1 Ac1A the access switch is considered defective if the calculation unit UC1 receives neither The combinatorial analysis using the group membership information allows any ambiguity about the source of a failure on all links ,,,, considered by combining information obtained through the receipt of response frames from different membership groups.

The query and response frames are Ethernet frames. They may contain, for example, a means of identifying the protocol used by the method according to the invention, a means of identifying the frame type, the name of the computing unit under consideration and its group number, the MAC addresses of the source and destination interfaces and means to identify which interface is active. Response frames may contain in addition a means to identify the name and the MAC addresses of the querying computing unit.

The method according to the invention has the particular advantage of allowing the detection and localization of internal faults to a network interface card, in particular a failure occurring between a component of the physical layer and a component of the data link layer. This type of fault is not detected by the known solutions that implement a monitoring connectivity of the physical link between two entities. Furthermore the invention enables a systematic monitoring of the backup link in addition to the active link to anticipate a loss of connectivity affecting the backup interface. The method of the invention also has the advantage of being very little consumer bandwidth in network monitoring mode and is also more efficient in convergence time.

Moreover the proposed solution is compatible with current existing solutions and can coexist in the same system with computing units or other types of equipment not implementing this solution. The invention also allows "when a fault is located precisely on a link of the network in, triggering a failover communications to a backup link for data flow to avoid the link affected by the failure.

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The invention allows and restore the connectivity between the issuing unit calculation and other participating calculation units, which has the effect of improving the reactivity of maintenance and thus increase the level of network availability. A method according to claim 2 characterized in that the group consisting of said first calculating unit and said calculation units Method according to one of the preceding claims characterized in that each of said participating calculation units ,, includes a plurality of interfaces which relief is applied to said method.

Method according to one of the preceding claims characterized in that said communication network is a mesh redundant and redundant Ethernet network. Method for detecting and locating a loss of connectivity in a communication network. USA1 en. EPA1 en. KRA en. CNA en.

165 réponses sur “Bell Fibe, 48 heures plus tard”

FRB1 en. Failure detection method for communication link, involves sending probe packet and setting probe timer when predetermined time interval set by timer expires. Selecting one of multiple redundant network access points on a node within an industrial process control network.

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FRA1 en. USA en. USB2 en. Intelligent integrated network security device for high-availability applications. USB1 en. JPB2 en. Ring network system, failure recovery method, failure detection methods, nodes, and node program. EPB1 en. Method and system for implementing a fast recovery process in a local area network. Fault tolerant routing in a non-hot-standby configuration of a network routing system. Communication network with surveillance sensors and diagnostic system, and method for establishing diagnostics in such a network.

System and method for verification of remote spares in a communications network when a network outage occurs. CNC en. System and method for detecting failure and route reconnection in communication network. CAC en. Vous ne voyez pas le rapport? This makes the lack of a reasonable GPU all the more confounding.

These types of GPU-driven number crunching are increasingly useful for scientific computing and data analysis tasks like encryption, image recognition, optimization and machine learning. For music producers and people writing apps in Xcode, maybe the new Mini makes sense, but I don't imagine most other "pro" users will be happy with this level of performance.

I can't help but shake my head at Apple's charts and graphics showing off how much faster the new Mini is than the model. Four years later, I'd certainly hope the new model would be faster. Maybe this highlights the best professional use case for the new mini. A rendering machine that can handle CPU intensive tasks like compiling code and rendering graphics, but that you wouldn't actually want to do your daily work on.

D'ailleurs cela ne veut rien "dire moyen de gamme". Mais c'est celui qui revient le plus cher. Et sur les performances c'est pas le meilleur tout mac confondu. Surpuissant et surtout moins bruyant que le i7. Parole de designer. Je ne suis pas certain pour le bruit entre un Mac mini i5 vs i7.

Mais changer le processeur, tu ne pourras pas. Juste mon avis.